Computer Emanation Proving

Well, it’s been five years in the making but I have finally completed the proving of Computer Emanation. This has been quite the undertaking but I feel so good to have finally accomplished what I set out to do.

Click the following link to read the proving.  Computer Emanation 2013

I welcome any and all feedback.

Sally Williams also conducted a proving of computer emanation which can be read here.




8 comments on “Computer Emanation Proving

  1. Krista says:

    I am so grateful for your work!!! Incredible research and proving!!! Will you be selling it? Of course we could use it at our house!

  2. Krista says:

    And funny how long it took me to read it…procrastination anyone?

  3. EM says:

    Thanks Krista! You can purchase the remedy through Helios. It’s called Computer Emanation. I have really seen it do good things for Kaiden. I think it solidified him and gave him confidence if that makes sense. I’ve given it to him several times since the proving ended in the 30c potency. No aggravation and a nice development of grounding. I think it’s worked as a clearing remedy for all of us.

  4. Nancy says:

    Hi EM–
    I’m new to homeopathy, so forgive me if my question is stupid. I went to the helios site and the description pasted below:
    Computer Emanation
    To have a remedy made to your specific requirements, or the requirements of your doctor or practitioner, please choose the potency, form and size from the template below.

    From £4.50

    My question is: 1) is that the correct item 2) it says remedy make to your specification-how do I know which remedy to choose 3) or is this an all encompassing remedy based on the remedy (proving) you created? Thanks so much.

    • EM says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your question. It isn’t stupid at all. I found ordering confusing, too!
      1. Yes, this is the correct remedy that is described in the proving.
      2. I believe they make up the remedy by the order. So you tell them what potency, size pellet, and size of bottle you want.
      3. You have to select what you want (as described above). Each potency is the same remedy but in a different potency.

      If you are new to homeopathy, I would suggest working with a qualified homeopath to see what remedy would work best for you. The computer emanation remedy can also be used as a clearing remedy. I would google RCT (Reverse Chronological Tautopathy) to learn more about this. Self-prescribing is not usually advised, especially for chronic treatment.

      I hope that is helpful!

  5. lenny marlow says:

    Hi Erica

    Great you are doing this work and a neat proving. Just a few thoughts, primarily to promote discussion.

    The remedy was, I assume from a desk top computer. The technologies are continually changing. At one time the VDU’s were the biggest source of emanations – now they are gone, replaced by various forms of flat screens which use rare earth materials.
    Hard drives are also slowly being replaced by solid state equivalents that do not have the revolving parts generating electromechanical emissions.
    From the proving notes, “all is lost, searching” there is certainly some hard drive stuff there!!
    Ipads and the like will have different energies.
    The duration of the preparation and the interaction with people will have brought their energies at the computer station into the remedy as well.
    Of course the remedy stands as a remedy itself but if the intention is to use it to clear the effects of these machines i.e. as an iso-therapeutic prescription these are thoughts to bear in mind.

    There has been a similar technology change in radiotherapy, where high focused xrays are now more common – so using Xray 30 is more useful now than Rad Brom 30 as a support

    again great work Erica

    • EM says:

      Hi Lenny,
      Thank you for your thoughts! Initially I created the remedy with tautopathic intentions. However, the proving revealed a very detailed picture. It was clear the energy of the remedy was much more about the internet a/k/a world wide web and computers in every sense.

      So while, yes, the technologies/energies are rapidly changing, the picture of the remedy has a very clear one – procrastination, sexual addiction, addiction to internet pornography, gender identity confusion, children as robots, and autism to name a few. And many of the physical symptoms are very prominent in the autism population – most notably stomach pains and bowel issues.

      Also interesting, the first proving was conducted after 1.5 years of exposure. The second after 2.5 years. We conducted them without knowledge of the others. The provings were an uncanny match, despite the difference in length of exposure.

      Unfortunately, there was no way around the exposure I personally would have brought to the remedy as the pellets were adhered to my screen and the side panel of my computer. So, no doubt, there is a “little piece of me” in there. But given the direct exposure to the computer hardware, I would say my energy is minimal at best.

      These are good points you make, though. In hindsight, I was pleased the remedy had a very clear picture, and is more valuable in a true homeopathic sense than as a remedy to use in just clearing exposure.

  6. Andrea says:

    This is very interesting and something I am going to bring up with my homeopath. I have a four year old son with autism who is well on his way to recovery using homeopathy, diet, and traditional therapy. I always worry about the effects of computer radiation. Thanks for sharing!

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